Leak Master Deluxe Adult Plastic Pants

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LeakMaster Deluxe Pull On Adult Plastic Pants

Super-soft yet heavy weight plastic pants ideal for long trips and overnights. Good option for those who have sensitive skin. The LeakMaster Deluxe adult plastic pant has several unique design features. They are made with a specially formulated, thick and durable 7 mil. plastic nearly twice as thick as our regular plastic pants. The material is also remarkably soft and pliable yet durable for quiet, comfortable long lasting use. With welded seams and reinforced leg and waistbands, this thick milky white material can withstand punishment most other pants can’t. The LeakMaster Deluxe Adult Plastic Pants have also been designed with fully enclosed leg and waistbands so elastic never comes in contact with your sensitive skin. Our thicker, wider, leg and waistbands also make for a more snug, secure and comfortable fit. LeakMaster Deluxe adult plastic pants are full cut with extra room in the crotch and hip to accommodate double diapering. Finally the pants are two to three inches higher in the back to ensure a no leak fit.

If you're looking for adult plastic pants with snug fitting, comfortable waistbands with extra durability for a longer lasting fit, we highly recommend the new LeakMaster Deluxe Plastic Pants.

  • Thick and durable 7 mil. plastic thickness
  • Premium Quality Extra Soft Milky White Plastic
  • Wide, comfortable leg and waist bands
  • High Back waist for Superior Leak Protection
  • Sizes X-Small to 3X-Large
  • Fully Enclosed Elastic designed especially for people with delicate skin
  • Full Cut with Wider Crotch and Roomier Fit
  • Save $2.00 each when you buy 3 or more




Adult X-Small

20" to 36" (Best fit 28" )
51 cm to 91 cm - best fit 71 cm

15" to 20"
38 cm to 51 cm

25 cm
Adult Small

22" to 37" (Best fit 31" )
56 cm to 94 cm - best fit 79 cm

16" to 22"
41 cm to 56 cm

28 cm
Adult Medium

27" to 44" (Best fit 34" )
69 cm to 112 cm - best fit 86 cm

18" to 24"
46 cm to 61 cm

30 cm
Adult Large

29" to 48" (Best fit 39" )
74 cm to 122 cm - best fit 99 cm

19" to 26"
48 cm to 66 cm

30 cm
Adult X-Large

31" to 52" (Best fit 46" )
79 cm to 132 cm - best fit 117 cm

20" to 27"
51 cm to 69 cm

38 cm
Adult 2X-Large
33" to 56" (Best fit 50" )
84 cm to 142 cm - best fit 127 cm
22" to 28"
56 cm to 71 cm
38 cm
Adult 3X-Large36" to 60" (Best fit 54" )
91 cm to 152 cm - best fit 137 cm
23" to 30"
58 cm to 76 cm
43 cm

To ensure proper fit please take measurements and check size chart before ordering.

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Long lasting

by -

Outstanding product it delvers and is comfortable and lasts. Washing them out after use is important.

Best pants I have ever used

by -

The Leakmaster Deluxe Vinyl Pants are the only pants my wife has me wear to bed now (I only need diapers at night). I have never had a leak using these pants. They have plenty of room to go over the thick cloth diapers I have to wear. I get a great nights sleep with these pants not having to worry about leaking like I did using other pants. And most of them have lasted for years if you care for them right.

LeakMaster Plastic Pants

by -

I have found that cloth diapers are the best solution for me for day and night, and I needed a plastic pant that can keep my jeans and bedding dry.
<br>For daytime I use a Birdseye overnight diaper with 2 large Gauze inserts. For night I use a Birdseye overnight diaper with 4 large Gauze inserts.
<br>I have tried virtually every brand plastic pant on the market over the years and suffered through the most embarrassing moments. The only plastic pant that provided 100% confidence is the LeakMaster deluxe plastic pant.
<br>If you need to eliminate the tell-tale bulky diaper look, eliminate tell-tale wetness lines on your jeans, and have a long lifetime, the LeakMaster is what you need.

Not bulky

by -

Excellent selection of quality products excellent customer service thanks.

Excellent Plastic Pants

by -

I have worn these plastic pants over two medium size birdseye cloth diapers (one daytime and one nighttime) together for long car trips, without needing changing. They do not leak, even when carrying soaked diapers. My only wish is for a snap up version for easier changing. I care for them by washing with shampoo in the shower and drying on the towel bar. They last forever, and are very comfortable.

Excellent plastic pants

by -

I'll be 52 this June and still suffer from nighttime accidents. To keep my bed from getting soaked I wear the Leakmaster pin-on style prefold nighttime gauze cloth diapers with a Leakmaster liner to bed. I also wear the Leakmaster Deluxe plastic pants over top. This combination does an excellent job of keeping the bed dry. For all those adults who still pee their beds I highly recommend both the Leakmaster nighttime pin-on prefold cloth diapers and the Leakmaster Deluxe plastic pants. In general I find that pin-on style prefold cloth diapers covered with plastic pants (or "rubber pants" as some people call them) offer the most effective protection to manage bedwetting. Thanks to wearing these diapers and plastic pants to bed I don't have to worry about waking up in and washing sopping wet bedding, plus I feel much more comfortable waking up in a dry bed. I can't rate these diapers and plastic pants highly enough. Kudos to Adultlclothdiaper.com!

Great Plastic pants.

by -

Wonderful with a double cloth diaper. I wear these at night and they last a long time.

6 month life of the waistband / leg openings for me...

by -

I bought 2 of these and was very satisfied with them for about six months. Even though I rinsed them out every morning in the shower (warm water; no soap) the waistband area on both began to crack in the gathers resulting in a very irritating feel. I alternated nights leaving the previous nights rinsed pant to dry so probably about the best care situation. Using the lighter weight ones now. PUL panties can seep through the sewn seams which is why I use plastic pants at night.

No worries about leaks. Wear for hours.

by -

Heavy duty last a long time. These do not tear like some of the cheep ones. The encased elastic works to contain leaks. Make the most of large capacity diapers 12 plus hours.

Super comfortable to wear

by -

These are great plastic panties. Soon as you put them on you know you have heavy duty pants on. Being completely incontinent you need good quality protection. They do a great job of controlling leaks and the smell of bowel movements in my diaper. They are quiet and comfortable to wear over my thick cloth diapers. With the higher back waist they do stick out of my jeans,but my shirt covers them. They are a wonder plastic panty that I definitely need to have them.

Very good quality

by -

Great plastic pants for a very good price. I first purchased a pair of Gary’s plastic pants and was very disappointed when they tore after only wearing them 10 “nonconsecutive” nights. So I ordered these pants and they are so much better! I’ve had them for a few months now and have warn them at least 30 times “obviously washing them by hand every morning just like I did with the Gary pants” and they still look like new. Highly recommend! Thanks


by -

prima goede broek

Best Vinyl pant for daytime

by -

I’ve posted a review back in 11/11/18, and thought I would add a few comments. I still use the pull-on Leakmaster Deluxe Vinyl pants at night, and they have continued to be the best vinyl pant for nighttime use. What I didn’t mention is that ACD also sells the same pant in snap-on style. It isn’t mentioned on their web page because it is a special order. I believe a minimum order of 24 is required, but they last a long time. So if you need a vinyl pant for daytime, the snap-on version is a must. They fit almost as snug as the pull-on, conceal the bulk, never leak, and you can change in the standing position without removing your jeans.