AdultClothDiaper.Com is a division of All Together Enterprises formally known as the All Together Diaper Company. The All Together Diaper Company began as a manufacturer of infant diapering products in 1990. Today we have become a leading supplier for both infant and adult cloth diapering products. To go to our infant cloth diapering retail website click here. If you are a business many of the products we sell on our retail websites may also be purchased from our wholesale website, click here. Our original motivation for creating the All Together Diaper Company was our concern for the environment and our own babies health. Over the years we have received many requests for adult versions of our products. We realized there was a great need for quality cloth diapering products in larger sizes.

In 2001 we officially launched our line of incontinence products for adults and children. For over seventeen years we been a leading manufacturer of superior quality diapers and have become a recognized leader in the incontinence industry.

Our offices and warehouses are located in Sandy, Utah. We are a family owned and operated business and that spirit is reflected in our customer service.