Diaper Care and Use

Before using your new diapers

Wash your new diapers first before you use them. Your diapers won’t absorb properly unless they’ve been washed and dried before use. Most all clothing, including diapers are coated with sizing which facilities handling and protects the garment during the manufacturing process. This coating will reduce absorbency unless first removed during the wash cycle. If you put a brand new diaper on and wet it, urine may simply bead up and run right out of the diaper. The washing swells and fluffs the cotton fibers maximizing their absorbency.

Our Recommended Washing Method

  • Use a dry pail. No soaking. Shake excess feces into the toliet before putting diaper into pail. Add scented deo-kisks to control odor. (pails and disks available on this website.)
  • Never use fabric softners or chlorine based bleach. Softners coat the fabric and reduce absorbency. Chlorine bleaches degrade fibers and reduce diaper life. Residual bleach can cause diaper rash. If a whitner is needed use an oxygenated bleach. Sunlight also bleaches diapers.
  • Start with a cold rinse to help reduce stains.
  • Then, run a full hot wash with soap or detergent.
  • Dry on high heat or in direct sunlight. Either will help sterilize cloth diapers.
  • Do not let soiled diapers wait more than three days before washing.

Stain Prevention

Pre-washing your diapers with vinegar is an excellent way to reduce future stains. Vinegar "sets" the fabric and may prevent staining altogether. We suggest doing the first wash using the cold cycle with one cup vinegar only. Then follow with three warm or hot washes with detergent and a run in the dryer after each of these three washes.

How to Dry Diapers

Put diapers in dryer for at least 60 minutes or hang in the sun. If after they’ve dried in the sun your diapers get stiff, put them in dryer with a damp washcloth for a few minutes to soften. Do not use fabric dryer sheets as they leave a coating that reduces absorbency.