Leak Master Purity Adult Flat Diapers - Gauze

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LeakMaster Purity Flat Gauze Diapers

Our LeakMaster Purity adult flat diapers are made from the same 100% Cotton gauze material we use to manufacture our adult prefold and contour diapers. With a well-established reputation for its superior absorbency and softness, our gauze diapers are widely recognized as the Ultimate in comfort and protection.

Our Adult Flat Gauze Diapers combine the perfect blend of luxurious softness, superior absorbency and rugged durability. One big advantage to using flat diapers is that you can avoid the problems some people associate with overly thick diapers such as puffy lines or long drying times. With our adult flat diapers the fold and layering can be easily adjusted until you get an adult cloth diaper with the absorbency, bulk and fit that's perfectly right for you. That makes our flat adult diapers the very best bang for your buck!

Adult flat diapers can also be used as inserts with our popular contour and prefold adult diapers. Combining our flat diapers as an insert you can make our standard day weight contour or prefold into a diaper that is comfortable as well as discreet, but thirsty enough to protect you during a long meeting, plane trip or car ride. Another option is to use even more inserts to create a very capable night diaper.

  • Diaper Service Quality Fabric
  • Use alone or in pairs
  • Also makes Great Inserts
  • Ultra Soft yet Durable
  • Superior Absorbency
  • Save $2 each when you order 3 or more.

    For Tips on Folding Flat DiapersClick Here

    before washing
    after washing
    price per diaper
    3 or more
    price per diaper
    Two Layer 36" Square36" x 36" inches
    91.5 x 91.5 cm
    fits up to 56"
    up to 142 cm
    Four Layer 36" Square36" x 36" inches
    91.5 x 91.5 cm
    fits up to 56"
    up to 142 cm
    Two Layer 44" Square44" x 44" inches
    111.7 x 111.7 cm
    fits up to 69"
    up to 175 cm
    Four Layer 44" Square44" x 44" inches
    111.7 x 111.7 cm
    fits up to 69"
    up to 175 cm

    To ensure proper fit please take measurements and check size chart before ordering.
    measurement sizes already take shrinkage into account

    Ratings & Reviews

    8 reviews

    Wonderful product

    by -

    Have been using the large, 4 layer 24/7 for many years and highly recommend them. They are comfortable and long lasting. The large size allows us to fold them for perfect fit. Obviously they must be pinned in place and covered with plastic pants. I highly recommend them for day and night use for people with heavy incontinence.



    <br>Our Response (10/19/18) - We recently raised our pricing on the flat diapers for the first time in over 6 years. They are sewn in the USA and our material and labor costs have gone up significantly. We regret that these feel expensive to you and are considering importing them to reduces costs and the prices.

    Great comfort and protection.

    by -

    I wear the 36x36 diaper at night, folding and layering 3 night weight diapers. They fit perfect and I’m a very heavy wetter. Daytime I use 2 with a booster pad. Most comfortable adult diaper I’ve ever worn.


    by -

    These diapers are great. They are wonderfully absorbent. I like the flexibility of the flat diapers

    Incredibly long lasting!

    by -

    To ADC -
    <br>Your flat gauze diapers are incredible! I last purchased a dozen from you about 18 years ago and am only now considering replacing them due to small wear & tear issues.
    <br>To interested buyers -
    <br>It is important to research and learn proper washing techniques including pre-washing before first use. Doing so will add years of life to the diapers.
    <br>After a few wash/dry cycles they will fluff up quite nicely and be soft, comfortable and very absorbent!

    Good night's sleep being well diapered.

    by -

    I am a very heavy bed wetter and my wife diapers me with three 4 layer 44x44 flat diapers. After she pins the diapers on and pulls up the XL high rise plastic pants I can get a good night's sleep and don't need to be changed during the night. The diapers are soft and comfy and I enjoy the sucure feeling I get wearing them.

    Saving money without sacrificing protection and comfort

    by -

    I am very pleased with the performance and quality of the gauze flats I have purchased. Combined with a countour diaper, they will be more than adequate for my needs. The low price makes them an excellent value if you have the patience to find ways to secure them to your body.