Frequently Asked Questions About Plastic Pants

Q: Are your plastic pants smooth or soft?

A: This seems like a straight forward question, but it is not so simple to answer. Even if the shade varies we can all agree on what colors blue or yellow are but smoothness or softness is a very much a matter of personal interpretation.

What you're really asking is whether our pants are smooth enough to suit you? We get hundred's of e-mail and letters praising how smooth and soft our plastic pants are. On the other had we have also had a few people say they wished they were smoother or softer. We try but you can't always please everyone. Anyway it doesn't matter how many other people have written us to praise their softness if you don't agree. The best answer we can give is try them and if you aren't thrilled you can return them for a refund.

The plastic material we use for the pull on, snap on, high back, bikini cut and deluxe pants in the stock colors of white, blue, pink and yellow is a smooth, texture free plastic material. The material used on the PUL and active brief pants is also a smooth, texture free poly urethane laminate material.

Q: Are your plastic pants quiet or loud?

A: This falls into the same category as the answer above however, the overwhelming majority of our customers consider them quiet and discreet. This seems like a straightforward question but quiet is not just a matter of personal interpretation, it's also a function of how sharp your hearing is.

Q: What size should I wear?

A: It’s impossible for us to properly advise you on sizing via e-mail so please refer to the size chart, found on each pant page. Each pant has a size range and the closer your measurement falls within the center of that ranger the better your fit will be. If your optimal waist proportions suggest size large but your legs need a medium you’ll need to determine the best fit compromise or consider ordering a custom sized panty to your exact measurements.

Q: How long will they last?

A: This depends on the style, how frequently you wear them and how they are cared for. With proper rotation and care, some customers report their pants have lasted for many years. Please click here for instructions on the proper care of plastic pants.

The most common place where plastic pants give out is at the leg elastics or side seams where there is the greatest stress.

If this should happen due to a manufacturing defect we will be glad to replace them for an identical pair in the same size and style. More often than not split seams occur because the wrong size has been ordered, poor rotation or improper care.

Some people assume all incontinence manufacturers use common sizing and do not read the size chart. Unfortunately incontinence wear sizing is not standardized from one company to another so it's important to read the size charts.

Even if you ordered a size too small, you may still be able to wear a pair of plastic pants, but the stress on the seams can cause them to prematurely split. We post both the leg and waist widths for all of our plastic pants. It is important to use both measurements when ordering to get the correct fit.