Coverup Adult "Onesie" Style T-Shirt

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Leak Master Cover Up "Onesie" Style Adult T-Shirts
Prevent Embarassing Exposure
Our Leak Master branded "Cover Up" torso length T-shirts make sure everything stays just where it's supposed to. You never have to worry about bending over because your T-shirt always stays tucked in. Also referred to as "bodysuits" or "onesies", these T-shirts wrap through, and snap at the front of the crotch with forward facing snap closures for easy opening when dressing. By helping keep wet or soiled diapers close to the body they can reduce or eliminate drooping and sagging until there's an opportunity to change. Stop worrying about embarrassing exposure with our Cover Up Tee's. Available in Navy, White or Pink. Made of a 100% cotton interlock.
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28" - 34"
71 cm to 86 cm

96 cm

76 cm


34" - 40"
86 cm to 102 cm

102 cm

79 cm


38" - 44"
96 cm to 112 cm

107 cm

81 cm


42" - 48"
107 cm to 122 cm

112 cm

84 cm


46" - 52"
117 cm to 132 cm

117 cm

89 cm
3X-Large50" - 56"
127 cm to 142 cm
122 cm
94 cm
*Sizes are approximate and the best fit depends upon your specific size, build and proportions.

The perfect undergarment

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I just received my order of onesies and thoroughly enjoyed them, they are very soft and comfortable they fit perfectly the snaps stay closed. I highly recommend this product, it helps keep wet diapers from drooping.

Great Product!

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They are a great product, they are very comfortable I love them.

Missing pocket option

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Going to buy a set of 3, Just wish they had Pockets.

Better Quality!!!!

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I was happy to find a adult onesie made of quality material. The cheap Chinese t-shirt material on the onesies I bought on Amazon were less comfortable and kept wearing out.

Love them but snaps hard to close


Love the onesies, but wish the snaps were easier to close.



Nice onesie except snaps are hard to snap together. Also, on second wearing, one of the snaps broke loose from its location making it useless.
<br>****Please contact us for a replacement or refund.****

HELP!!! Larger size onesie needed!


I am only giving this item 3 stars, not because of the workmanship but because y’all need more options and sizes. I wish y’all would consider making a 5xl or at least a 4xl with a pocket and a “V” neck so I don’t feel like I’m choking. I would also like to see an “A” shirt since I generally would wear it under my regular shirt(s) or around the house. I’m a big guy and my normal t-shirt size is 5xl from Kingsize big mens clothing, some places have onesies in a 4xl, the shirt might fit fine but they don’t have the forward facing snaps which would make it so much easier for me to snap, as it is I have to do acrobatics in order to grab the back tail and bring it up between my legs and then try to snap it shut, I almost end up having to ask for help to snap the snaps. It can take me up to 15mins to snap the snaps and then I’m out of breath and wore out. As the population is growing so are our waistlines Please consider making larger onesies please?
<br>OUR RESPONSE: The fabric we use to make our Coverup T-shirts is not wide enough to make sizes larger than 3XL. However, we will request this from our current supplier and also see if we can find wider material through other sources.

Snaps do not stop the patient from pulling these open.


Snaps. Alzheimer or Dementia patient can pull snaps apart accessing incontinence product. Different closure with a safely zipper runner in horizontally or other creative way. Anything but snaps, buttons or velcro.
<br>Our Response - We understand your needs as described above. However, most of our customers prefer the snaps as easy access and secure closure are the very features that make this product usable for them. A product that was more difficult to use would be a slower seller.

Great product!!!!!

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I ordered one of your onesie's in white. What a nice soft fabric and it fits very nice. The snaps are very easy to use being upfront. Would like to order one in dark blue once you get them back in stock.

More variety

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Great product wish you made black

Great T-Shirt and stops sagging diapers too. Wow!

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I wear diapers due to nerve damage. The thing I hate most is when the diaper sags when the diaper gets wet. These shirts hold he diaper up and eliminates the sag. I just love them. I can work outside with another shirt on over them and feel very comfortable. The material is very soft and they feel great. The only negative is the few color choices they have. But, hey, I still love them. The sizes are correct too.

Great onesies

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I like this onesie that I bought from here and I'm going to buy more! I always love onesies and I'm going to buy a lot more and I'm glad that I like them so much I hope others would like them too! That is why I like them so much!