Leakmaster PUL Pull On Pants

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LeakMaster PUL Diaper Pants

Long Lasting - Non Vinyl

More Durable, Quiet, Breathable

The LeakMaster Poly Urethane Laminate (PUL) adult diaper pant is sure to become a favorite of yours.  PUL material has become the standard for infant diaper covers over the past few years and it is about time we started seeing this wonderful material in adult products.  The material is also remarkably soft and pliable yet durable for quiet, comfortable long lasting use.  Unlike vinyl, PUL is breathable which means air can move through the material while keeping moisture in.  This means less heat buildup as compared to vinyl.  Thus this pant will be more comfortable and less likely to contribute to skin irritation or rash.  Made to be used over all kinds of adult cloth diapers it is also well suited to be worn over adult disposable products.

This PUL material is more durable than vinyl and can be washed and dried at standard temperatures.  Although the price is higher for these pants, they will last 2-3 times longer than standard plastic pants and thus they are a great value.

The LeakMaster PUL Pants are constructed similar to our LeakMaster Deluxe pants and thus have fully enclosed leg and waistbands so elastic never comes in contact with your sensitive skin. The thicker, wider, leg and waistbands also make for a more snug, secure and comfortable fit. These pants are full cut with extra room in the crotch and hip to accommodate thick cloth diapers when necessary.  Unlike the LeakMaster Deluxe these pants are not extended waist or high back style, rather they are the standard pull on design at the waist.  Also available in snap-on!

The LeakMaster Pul pants are stocked and available in sizes X-Small to X-Large at just $24.95 each. Larger sizes (2XL-5XL) priced high due to extra sewing and material costs.

White Only $24.95 each (Sizes XS-XL)

3 or more $2.00 off

  • Thick and durable Poly Urathane Laminate (PUL)
  • Same material as featured on our LeakMaster Adult All-In-One Diapers
  • Wide, comfortable leg and waist bands
  • Sizes X-Small to 5X-Large
  • Fully Enclosed Elastic
  • Full Cut with Wide Crotch and Roomier Fit





Adult X-Small

20" to 36" (Best fit 28" )

51 cm to 91 cm - best fit 71 cm
15" to 20"

38 cm to 51 cm

25 cm
Adult Small

22" to 37" (Best fit 31" )

56 cm to 94 cm - best fit 79 cm
16" to 22"

41 cm to 56 cm

28 cm
Adult Medium

27" to 44" (Best fit 34" )

69 cm to 112 cm - best fit 86 cm
18" to 24"

46 cm to 61 cm

30 cm
Adult Large

29" to 48" (Best fit 39" )

74 cm to 122 cm - best fit 99 cm
19" to 26"

48 cm to 66 cm

30 cm
Adult X-Large

31" to 52" (Best fit 46" )

79 cm to 132 cm - best fit 117 cm
20" to 27"

51 cm to 69 cm

38 cm
Adult 2X-Large

33" to 56" (Best fit 50" )

84 cm to 142 cm - best fit 127 cm
22" to 28"

56 cm to 71 cm

38 cm
Adult 3X-Large

36" to 60" (Best fit 54" )

91 cm to 152 cm - best fit 137 cm
23" to 30"

58 cm to 76 cm

43 cm
To ensure proper fit please take measurements and check size chart before ordering.

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Best plastic pant for day and night!

by -

Excellent. I use them day & night with the adult refold. The tight fit compresses the bulk of diaper and insert making it almost undetectable. I never had any problems with leakage, crinkle, bulkiness.

Excellent, contains liquid & odor.l

by -

I had my prostate removed, and will be completely incontinent for the next few months. I've been using these for about six weeks. My concerns have been containing both odor and urine (I use disposable briefs and pads) when I am in public situations for longer periods of time. These do a good job of containing both, and don't have much "plastic sound" as I move about.

Seems to large


This garment is a little bit oversized. it is well made and the leg openings are comfortable. It is snug around waist and legs but very loose every where else.

Great Diaper Cover

by -

These are my favorite diaper covers for wearing to bed. They are the same high quality PUL (Poly Urethane Laminate) pants as the Gary Active Wear PUL Pants but with a fuller cut and higher back. This allows you to move easily at night without risking the pants uncovering your protection and allowing a leak. They are also super durable, I've had a pair for two years and they hardly show any wear at all. You just can't go wrong with these for day or night use!!

Wonderful diaper cover

by -

Great diaper cover! I use them at night with cloth and disposables. One nice feature is the comfort. Not binding but secure against leaks. Wish they came in more colors.