Custom Fitted Adult Prefolds

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$10.95 to $71.95
$10.95 to $71.95

This is a special order item. It takes 3-6 weeks to manufacture and ship

This is a special order item. It takes 3-6 weeks to manufacture and ship


Custom Sized Adult & Youth Prefold Cloth Diapers

We encourage all our customers to try and order standard stock prefolds as they are less expensive and can be shipped in 1-2 days. Custom ordering can be a little confusing so make sure you understand before you order.  However, if you find you want to fine tune the dimensions or thickness of your diapers you can do so by special ordering. Please note that the minimum order for custom sized diapers is six diapers and the diapers are not returnable under any circumstances. Until payment is confirmed we will not start manufacturing your diapers.

Custom orders generally take 2-4 weeks to make and ship.

With custom ordered prefolds you can determine the material(s) type, the layering, and the dimensions.

  • *Minimum Order 6 diapers (all the same size, thickness & materials)
  • *Choose 100% cotton Flannel, Birdseye or Gauze.
  • *Choose interior middle layers of the same material above or substitute terry cloth for added absorbency in the center panel.
  • *Choose your desired thickness from 2x2x2 layering to extra thick 6x8x6 layering.
  • *Layering refers to the number of material layers in each panel of the prefold.
  • *For example 2x4x2 means two layers on each side and 4 in the middle.
  • *The center panel can be thicker or it can be the same thickness as the sides.
  • *The width of the center pannel is 1/3 of the total width of the diaper.
  • *The inside middle layers of the center panel can be the same material or extra thick terry cloth.
  • *Choose your desired size range and enter in the exact dimensions desired.
  • *Waist sizes available from 20-44 inches and lengths from 20-60 inches.

Please note that the dimensions you choose are un-washed and all diapers will shrink from 5-10% in width and length. Exact shrinkage depends upon material type and washing conditions. Note that even the same material type may shrink differently as the weave tightness of the material itself can vary over time. All custom ordered diapers are ordered at the customers risk. 
Special ordered items are not returnable except for manufacturing defects.  Special orders must be cancelled within 24 hours or they are non refundable.

HOW TO ORDER: To order fill in the following at the top of this page. 1) Choose your desired layering, 2) determine your size range from the chart below, 3) choose the desire material type(s), 4) enter the exact dimensions and 5) enter the number of diapers you want to order. Please note that a minimum of six diapers of any single design must be ordered. Based on entering the information above the shopping cart will provide a price for the diaper.

Size Range Table (Un-Washed Size)
WIDTH (inches) FROM/TO
2O TO 26
20 TO 30
2O TO 2631 TO 40
2O TO 2641 TO 50
27 TO 34
27 TO 40
27 TO 3441 TO 50
27 TO 3451 TO 58
35 TO 40
35 TO 44
35 TO 4045 TO 54
35 TO 4055 TO 60
RANGE 1041 TO 44
41 TO 50
RANGE 1141 TO 4451 TO 60

Additional Information:
- Our gauze material is delivered to us 2 layers thick, therefore we cannot make any gauze diaper with two layered sides. This is because we would have to sew the center panel to the outside of the diaper instead of between layers and this would not look good nor would it be a durable product. Therefore the following options are not allowed by the shopping cart: Gauze with Guaze 2x4x2, 2x6x2 and Gauze with Terry 2x4x2, 2x6x2

- For similar reasons other combinations may not be available only because it is impractical to make or use such a product.  For example we don't make any 2x8x2 or 2x10x2 diapers.

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Adult Prefold Diapers and More

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awhile back i had my insurance pay to get these items. i got 3 dozen adult pre-fold diapers 6x10x6 range 7 i got two dozen of the Leak master Deluxe - Thicker Plastic. Extended Waist. Wider Waist & Leg Bands size 2xl. and i also got a dozen of the Nickel Plated Jumbo Diaper Pins. also i got 3 of the 54 Quart Cloth Diaper Pails, 12 of the Planet Wise Diaper Pail Liners in various colors and lastly i got 8 packs of the Citrus Circles Deodorizers. everything i got was top quality and fit my needs to perfection. the diaper are super absorbent and feel so good against my skin and they was up very well. the diaper pins i got work well as they are made for the adult diaper. they go through the diaper with ease and the safety style head of the pin works perfectly. the plastic pants i got were super great as well. they were heavy duty and felt very nice around the waist and around the legs. they did not become sore around legs and waist after wearing for long time like some of the other brands do. they covered my cloth diapers very well and stopped all leaks during the day and at bed time as well. the diaper pails are large enough to hold the adult sized diapers and the odor discs really helped with the urine odor. the diaper pail liners fit the diaper pail very well and made it so much easier on wash day as you just pull out the liner and put a new one in while you was the diapers. this site is the best place to get your adult diapering needs and all their products are of super quality and hold up very well over time and multiple washing's. it been a little over a year and everything still looks and feels as good as the day i bought everything. when i need new supplies again i will be coming back here to get them as i know how good everything is and how ell it all works and holds up over time. the more you wash and use the diapers the better and softer they feel. i been trying many different things from different suppliers only to find out they were not what they say they were. but when i found this site i did not have to look any further. they had everything i needed and then some and all were high quality. this is the only place i will buy my needs from now on and i have told many of my friends who have a incontinent problems this is the only place they need to go. now the only thing i need to get is several mattress protection covers since i just bought a new expensive full mattress and box springs set. so i will need to check into covers for it. never fear when you buy from adult cloth diapers you will always get good quality products and a good quality price and know that they will work to perfection and last a long time. i am so glad i found adult cloth diapers and i will not have to look any further. adult cloth diapers set the bar high which other companies will really have to work hard to get to their standard. thanks so much adult cloth diapers for being there for all my incontinent needs. i waited to give my opinion on above items until i used them for awhile so i could give my honest opinion.

warm and soft


I have been wearing gauze diapers at night with the Heavy duty plastic pants. They become incredibly soft after they age. I wear a double diaper and I find them to be excellent.

You have to try them to find out

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I have been urinary incontinent since I was hit with shrapnel from a B 40 rocket in VietNam in 1967 I have to sleep on my side due to the shrapnel getting lodged in the front of my spine between l4 and l5. The cauda equine nerve bundle was severed by the shrapnel . That is the nerves that control the bladder. The disposable diapers the VA supplies are garbage . Because I have to sleep on my side due to pain from sleeping on either my back of front I had always had problems with leaks at night. When I decided to try cloth diapers at my wife's urging I bought the night weight prefolds in gauze and with pinning them with a lot of overlap on the sides and a well fitting pair of plastic pants I never have any leaks. The diapers have held up very well and are very comfortable. I highly recommend you try them if you have leaks from being a side sleeper like I am.