Wearever Women's Lace Trim Panties

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Wearever Women's Lace Trim Panties

For Light Incontinence

These panties have a lacy trim and are made of a silky cotton/lycra jersey. This lace trim style leaves women feeling confident about the undergarments they have chosen to wear throughout the day. A waterproof outer layer provides double protection and helps prevent leakage making them reliable and stylish. Trap liquid with the super absorbent Unique Dri™ pad giving you all day protection. These briefs are an economical decision as no disposable pads needed with these machine washable pants; lasts up to 250 washes! For women with light to moderate incontinence.

  • A dependable and economical alternative to disposable incontinence products
  • For light incontinence
  • No inserts or disposable pads required
  • Stylish lace trim with the comfort and reliability of all Wearever incontinence products
  • Machine wash and dry, up to 200-250 washes
Women's Size67891011
Cotton (L10)38"-40"41"-42"43"-44"45"-48"49"-51"52"-55"

*All Measurements are Hip Measurements

Care Instructions

Cotton is the most widely used fabrics for underwear, due to its superior moisture absorption and durability. It is a breathable and natural material that is hypoallergenic. Though cotton is easy to care for, it can stretch out far more easily than synthetic undergarments. When washing/drying cotton a little extra care goes a long way.

Avoid Bleach and Fabric Softeners

When washing your underwear avoid using bleach as it is better left to the heavy duty washes and will weaken and damage fabrics overtime. If you feel you need the extra disinfecting, use bleach every couple of washes and make sure to use unchlorinated bleach. The softening agents and added fragrance will destroy your fabrics and leave residue. Fabric softeners also waterproof the fabric, which defeats the purpose of this underwear.

Washing Instructions

Machine wash in warm (not hot) water or in cold water. Heat is hard on all fabrics and will be damaging to your underwear. Make sure to use a medium setting when using the dryer.

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Pretty Decent

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These are pretty decent for my light leaking and the fit is pretty good. I refuse to give up 5 start because these don't excite me and I hate that I need them. They work and I have no complaints = 4 Stars