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Odor Cleanse Breath & Body Caps
New Scientific Breakthrough! 

Finally there is a natural way to reduce both bad breath and body odor that really works. Odor Cleanse powerfully neutralizes and suppresses odor-causing substances in the body. Odor Cleanse works with your own body's chemistry from the inside at the source to reduce odors during the digestive process.  Provides convenient & constant protection even during the most intimate social situations and, its as simple as taking a vitamin! Odor Cleanse works internally to effectively reduce odor due to....

  • Urinary and Fecal Incontinence
  • Diarrhea
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome
  • Colostomy
  • Flatulence

One 50 Caplet Bottle Only $11.49
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Say Good-Bye to Green!

With Odor Cleanse there are no unsettling changes in fecal coloration. Many other types of odor control products can cause the stool to turn a unusual shade of green. This is due to the heavy chlorophyll base. Although this change in stool color is harmless many people do find it disconcerting. Because of it’s patented mushroom extract you don’t have to worry about that anymore with Odor Cleanse.

What is Odor Cleanse?

Odor Cleanse contains a special patented, highly concentrated mushroom extract. Eight years of research have proven the effectiveness of this extract in reducing breath and body odors. Lab tests show that actual odor causing chemicals are reduced.

Odor Cleanse is not another cover-up, but a real breakthrough. Odor Cleanse's patentoced mushroom extract, Agarics Bisporus has been tested by laboratory scientists, hospital doctors, patients and consumer like you. Just take 1 or 2 Odor Cleanse capsules as needed, with liquid, shortly after meals. Use Odor Cleanse with a regular oral hygiene program.

Odor Cleanse is formulated to neutralize the substances that cause breath, body and fecal odor. Odor Cleanse Breath & Body Caps removes body odor and freshens breath. Dietary Supplement. Odor Cleanse really works! Odor Cleanse controls garlic and other odor causing foods. Odor Cleanse Breath & Body Caps are a scientific breakthrough for controlling not just breath, but also body odor.

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Was skeptical but it works.

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I was doubtful this would work so I was pleasantly surprised when it really did reduce the odor of my bowel movements. I need help to change my diaper due to my disability and this makes that process a little less unpleasant. Didn't help my breath though, probably due to my smoking.