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  Custom Fitted Adult Prefolds
Custom Fitted Adult Prefolds
Price: $10.95 – $78.95
Custom Sized Adult & Youth Prefold Cloth Diapers

We encourage all our customers to try and order standard stock prefolds as they are less expensive and can be shipped in 1-2 days. Custom ordering can be a little confusing so make sure you understand before you order. Custom orders generally take 2-4 weeks to make and ship. However, if you find you want to fine tune the dimensions or thickness of your diapers you can do so by special ordering. Please note that the minimum order for custom sized diapers is six diapers and the diapers are not returnable under any circumstances. Until payment is confirmed we will not start manufacturing your diapers.

With custom ordered prefolds you can determine the material(s) type, the layering, and the dimensions.

  • Minimum Order 6 diapers (all the same size, thickness & materials)
  • Choose 100% cotton Flannel, Birdseye or Gauze.
  • Choose interior middle layers of the same material above or substitute terry cloth for the center most 2 layers in the middle panel.
  • Choose your desired thickness from 2x2x2 layering to extra thick 6x10x6 layering.
  • Layering refers to the number of material layers in each panel of the prefold.
  • For example 2x4x2 means two layers on each side and 4 in the middle.
  • The center panel can be thicker or it can be the same thickness as the sides.
  • The width of the center pannel is 1/3 of the total width of the diaper.
  • The inside middle layers of the center panel can be the same material or extra thick terry cloth.
  • Choose your desired size range and enter in the exact dimensions desired.
  • Waist sizes available from 20-44 inches and lengths from 20-60 inches.
Please note that the dimensions you choose are un-washed and all diapers will shrink from 5-10% in width and length. Exact shrinkage depends upon material type and washing conditions. Note that even the same material type may shrink differently as the weave tightness of the material itself can vary over time. All custom ordered diapers are ordered at the customers risk. 
Special ordered items are not returnable except for manufacturing defects.  Special orders must be cancelled within 48 hours or they are non refundable.

HOW TO ORDER: To order fill in the following at the top of this page. 1) Choose your desired layering, 2) determine your size range from the chart below, 3) choose the desire material type(s), 4) enter the exact dimensions and 5) enter the number of diapers you want to order. Please note that a minimum of six diapers of any single design must be ordered. Based on entering the information above the shopping cart will provide a price for the diaper.

Size Range Table (Un-Washed Size)
WIDTH (inches) FROM/TO
2O TO 26
20 TO 30
2O TO 26 31 TO 40
2O TO 26 41 TO 50
27 TO 34
27 TO 40
27 TO 34 41 TO 50
27 TO 34 51 TO 58
35 TO 40
35 TO 44
35 TO 40 45 TO 54
35 TO 40 55 TO 60
RANGE 10 41 TO 44
41 TO 50
RANGE 11 41 TO 44 51 TO 60

Additional Information:
- Our gauze material is delivered to us 2 layers thick, therefore we cannot make a gauze diaper with two layered sides. This is because we would have to sew the center panel to the outside of the diaper instead of between layers and this would not look good nor would it be a durable product. Therefore the following options are not allowed by the shopping cart: Gauze with Guaze 2x4x2, 2x6x2 and Gauza with Terry 2x4x2, 2x6x2

- For similar reasons other combinations may not be available only because it is impractical to make or use such a product.  For example we don't make any 2x8x2 or 2x10x2 diapers.